Modern Romance



I finished this book almost 2 months ago but forgot to write a post! I’m a little behind on my reading goal this year 😦 I guess that’s what happens when you get a full time job! Anywho, Aziz has been on top this year! A lot of the material in this book was also in his new Netflix series Master of None, and he’s also mentioned a lot of this stuff in his stand-up shows. Even so, he’s still always hilarious. I thought this book was really informative and had me laughing out loud! If you’re a fan of Aziz you should definitely check this book out.


The Martian


I finished this a few weeks ago but forgot to write a new post! I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was really funny and quite the page turner. I read a couple reviews after I finished it and I think the biggest complaint/controversy going on is that Andy Weir did not address the psychological impact of being the only human on the planet for such a long period of time. Occasionally Mark was able to talk to NASA, but he had no human contact, and couldn’t even hear people’s voices or see them on a screen or anything. As a counselor, I should have caught on to this throughout the book but I like to take off my counseling hat once I get home so the problem didn’t cross my mind. Looking back on it, this doesn’t ruin the book for me in anyway or make me want to change my 5 star rating on Goodreads, it’s just a minor flaw to an outstanding book. Go read it!

A Million Little Pieces



Finally! A new post! It took me a while to read this book because I got a full time job in the middle of it. The book was very interesting and really captured my attention, so the length at which it took me to read it has nothing to do with the book itself! A friend recommended this book to me and I actually hadn’t heard anything about the book or the controversy that went along with it. My friend filled me in a little on what happened after the author admitted that he fabricated some details, but I decided to read it anyways to see what it was all about. After I finished it I started googling a little more information about it, and I guess I don’t really know how I feel. James seems like such a badass in the “memoir,” and I’m wondering if he really is? I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe. If you take away the fact that this book was supposed to be a memoir and all true, I really loved it. It captured my attention immediately and I never wanted to put it down. It was blunt, disgusting, horrifying, but I still never turned my eyes away from the pages. Now, when you bring in the fact that this is supposed to be a memoir and it turns out some of it might not be true, yeah, it makes me feel a little different about it. I don’t feel cheated or anything, because I knew going into it that some things were exaggerated. But I guess I wish they weren’t. I wish it was all completely 100% true, so I wouldn’t have to guess for myself what was and what wasn’t. I would still recommend this book, especially to anyone who may know or work with addicts. Whether it’s all true or not, it is still very insightful.

Handle with Care



Alright. I started this book a very long time ago, but stopped a couple chapters in because I felt like I was reading too much Jodi Picoult and needed a break from her. A few days ago I decided to get back into it, and I loved it. Except for the ending, which then ruined the entire book for me and reminded me why I needed a break from Jodi Picoult in the first place. This is the fifth book I have read by her, and I can honestly say this is the first time one of her books has left me angry. Like, really angry. Yes, her books don’t always end happily or like a picture-perfect fairy tale, but to me this ending just made the whole book pointless. I feel like I just wasted precious time in my life investing in these characters and this story, and was left completely unsatisfied and cheated, really. Like, what the heck Jodi?!




I thought this book was pretty good, but nothing special. I wasn’t as hooked by the story line, aka the love triangle, as much as I have been with some other trilogies that I’ve read, like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Legend (oh wait, those are ALL the trilogies I’ve read 😉 ). Parts of the book were exciting and I did read it pretty quickly, but I didn’t really find myself rooting for any of the characters, or hoping Cassia ends up with one boy instead of the other. I just felt “meh” about the whole situation. Also, the dystopian society in which they live reminded me a lot of Divergent (I never read the books, only saw the movies), where they had different communities and different jobs, and the people are unaware of what’s going on outside their border. I’m not dying to read the second book as much as I was for all the other trilogies I have read, so I honestly don’t know if I will! This book was good, but not great.

Brain On Fire



Holy cow this book was incredible. I did not want to put it down. I kept needing to remind myself that this was actually a true story and not fiction. What Susannah Cahalan went through was amazing, terrifying, and just downright insane. It’s so scary to think this disease could happen to anyone, and it goes undiagnosed so frequently. Reading this book was honestly a little scary, I made sure not to read it right before bed. I’m glad she was able to recover, and by writing this book she has managed to really make the world more aware of this disease and how to catch it early, and treat it. Everyone needs to read this book!!!

The Rosie Project



This was a very cute, funny, and different kind of love story. Predictable, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed reading it. Rosie is trying to find her biological father and seeks help from Don, a genetics professor who has access to a lab where he can test DNA samples from men who may be Rosie’s father. Through this, Don and Rosie of course get to know each other and develop feelings for one another, but in a way that makes this book different from your typical love-story novels. Don is a stereotypical nerd that has trouble in social situations, can be very awkward, and can’t really detect sarcasm. But yet he’s so funny and lovable, which makes Rosie falling in love with him not surprising. She likes his quirks and is very smart herself, so they are able to connect on multiple levels. This was a quick and easy read, but a really great story!